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  Panjin port is the important part of Liaoning coastal port group and it’s the nearest access to the sea for Northeast China and east Inner-Mongolia. The planned port area is 60 square kilometers (including water surface), among which the land area is 44.7 square kilometers. Totally 12.1 kilometers of natural coastal lines are planned to use and 31 kilometers of face-lines of port will be formed. There are totally 65 planned berths and the throughput capacity will reach 290 million tons in the future. The waterway depth of the port is 12.6m and the water depth of the front area of the port is 14.5m. It’s a deepwater and ice-free port for all-year navigation.
  Infrastructure construction condition: The accumulative investment of Panjin new port has reached 27 billion Yuan. Sixteen 50, 000-ton berths (15 in east port area and one in west port area), two railway logistics bases (Jinbowan logistics and Shentie comprehensive logistics) and two stations dedicated for freight transport (Panjin port station and Binhai station) have been built successively. Ten 50,000-100,000-ton berths are under construction. The constructions of 300,000-ton berth project and 250,000-ton navigation project have started comprehensively. The project construction of the chemical dock (303#) for Chang Chun Petrochemical, 321# dock for Union Logistics Co., Ltd., and 322# dock have been impelled as scheduled. There will be 25 berths with 50,000-ton capacity or above in Panjin port at the end of 2017 and the throughput capacity of the port will reach 60 million tons.
  Collecting and dispatching system: There are totally about 10 high speed rails and expressways, which have already been opened, in the port area and its surrounding area. Shugang railway was built and put into use in May, 2012 and the first liner route for containers was launched in Mach, 2013. Four dry depots have been built in Tongliao, Faku, Liaozhong and Qiqihaer and eight sea routes, including Ningbo, Shanghai, Zhafu, Weifang, Jingtang, Rizhao, Quanzhou and Fuzhou, have been opened.
  Open-up function: 60,000 square meters of bonded warehouse and export supervised warehouse have been built and put into use. 500,000 square meters of bonded logistics center are about to put into use. The building work of designated port for imported food declaration, Panjin comprehensive bonded zone and integrated service platform for customs clearance has been carried out in order. The open-up function of Panjin first-class port passed the state acceptance inspection officially in September, 2016. ‘Panjin-Manchuria-Europe’ international container train was opened officially in October, 2015 and it marks the substantive progress of Panjin and the New Area integrating with national strategy of the Belt and Road based on Panjin port. The New Area has become the important node in the construction for international corridor of ‘Liao-Manchuria-Europe’, ‘Liao-Inner Mongolia-Europe’ and ‘Liao-Hai-Europe’. It has been identified as the access to the sea for Shenyang Economic Zone.

  The throughput of Panjin port in 2016 was 29.94 million tons and the year-on-year growth was 9.1%. Totally 380,000 containers have been completed and the year-on-year growth was 17.5%.