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  Supported by Port-neighboring logistics industry, Liaodong Bay New Area has implemented strategy of development toward sea, full transformation and strengthening the city through the port development, with great endeavor to build the northeast petrochemical warehousing logistics base and grain processing as well as logistics base. It has been awarded as a provincial modern logistics demonstration park by the provincial government, and subsequently national excellent logistics park by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

  First, comprehensively strengthen the collecting and dispatching system as well as port supporting facilities

  Panjin port, as an important part of Liaoning port group, is the nearest outfall of the Northeast China and east Inner-Mongolia. At present, 25 berths of 50,000 dwt used for general, oil, grain and container, have been put into operation, throughout capacity of which has reached over 60 million dwt in 2016. Meanwhile, the bonded logistics center has been put into use. Besides, there are 4 inland ports, respectively Tongliao, Faku, Liaozhong and Qiqihar, 8 sea routes including Ningbo, Shanghai, Zhafu, Weifang, Jingtang, Rizhao, Quanzhou and Fuzhou, several land ports in Suihua, Qiqihar, Faku and LiaoZhong, and the harbor railway directly connected to the frontier port. Now Panjin port has been regarded as the port of Shenyang economic zone by Liaoning Province Government.

  Second, key development industries in logistics park

  Based on goods category and supporting functions of Panjin port, prioritize the development of grain processing and logistics, petrochemical logistics and warehousing, container logistics, comprehensive logistics services, bonded logistics, transport logistics transport and airlines exploitation. Key projects in the park include:

  -- Northeast comprehensive industrial base of China Grain Reserves Corporation with investment of 15 billion RMB;

  -- Hopefull Grain & Oil and feed protein processing project with investment of 1.87 billion RMB;

  -- Yihai Jiali warehousing logistics and grain & oil deep processing project with investment of 1.8 billion RMB;

  -- Great Northern Wilderness (Panjin) grain warehousing logistics base with investment of RMB 700 million;

  -- Panjin port oil storage project with investment of 1.3 billion RMB;

  -- Panjin port agricultural material logistics park project with investment of 360 million RMB.

  In the end of 2017, northeast comprehensive industrial base of China Grain Reserves Corporation, Hopefull Grain & Oil and feed protein processing, Great Northern Wilderness (Panjin) grain warehousing logistics base and Panjin port agricultural material logistics park will be put into operation, which remarks the grain processing and warehousing base cluster in the ten-million-ton level gradually takes shape.

  By the year of 2020, Panjin port will sprint to the goal of billion tons’ capacity. At that time, container throughput will reach 1 million teu, oil throughput 50 million tons and grain throughput 20 million tons, which contributes to the largest grain processing and logistics industry base in the North East. Domestic airlines will cover the main ports. Many foreign trade direct airlines and international cruise lines are also available. It is surely believed that with the rapid growth of the port, the port-centered logistics industry will get flourishing and gradually become a significant pillar industry of New Area and even Panjin.