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  Liaodong Bay New Area is an important petrochemical industry base of Panjin and even the whole province. In 2012 it has been approved as the model base of national new industrialization industry. Based on the national chemical new material industry model base and petrochemical cooperation demonstration zone cross the Strait, it has worked hard to give full play to the leading enterprises in the construction of the world-class Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Industrial Park. Now as the premier mainstay industry in the New Area, it has maintained a good development momentum.

  At present, the industry has completed investment of 41.5 billion RMB, with 14 enterprises above designated size, and in 2016 the total industrial output value has reached 35.45 billion RMB, the year-on-year increase of which is 9.0%. Major projects include:

  -- Heyun synthetic rubber industrial park project of Panjin Heyun New Material Co., Ltd with total investment of 20 billion RMB;

  -- Baolai petrochemical industrial park project of Panjin North Asphalt Co., Ltd with total investment of 13.8 billion RMB;

  -- Panjin chemical base project of Taiwan Changchun Group with total investment of 18 billion RMB;

  -- Air separation and coal gasification project of America Air Products with total investment of $1 billion;

  -- Grain and oil processing and logistics base project of Hopefull Grain & Oil Group with total investment of 6 billion RMB;

  -- Chemical project of Taiwan UPC Chemical Technology Co., LTD with total investment of $500 million;

  -- 300,000 ton/year Fine processing of aromatic hydrocarbons project of Panjin Reed Chemical Co., Ltd with total investment of 11.68 billion RMB; 

  In addition, refining-chemical integration project of petrochemical industrial park of China North Industries Group Corporation, with total investment of 78,39 billion RMB, will surely be settled in the New Area.

  Among them, Phase 1 and 2 projects of the synthetic rubber industrial park of Panjin Heyun New Materials Co., LTD have been put into operation, as well as part of Phase 3. Besides, the butyl rubber project, with capacity of 60,000 tons/year for domestic single set of equipment, has been under trial production in May 3, 2013, capable of halogenated butyl rubber products which fills the gap of domestic industry. When all completed, it will become the largest synthetic rubber production base in China. Phase 1 and 2 projects of Baolai petrochemical industry park of Panjin North Asphalt Co., LTD have been in service, and the new plant in westward area is also under full construction. In addition, Phase 1 project of Panjin chemical base of Taiwan Changchun Group has been in use, and the construction of chemical warehousing project of Taiwan UPC chemical technology Co., LTD has also started.

  In future, the Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Industries of New Area will continue to improve the technological Level and the scale industry development. Make active introduction and cultivation of downstream enterprises in the petrochemical industry chain, and guide the petrochemical industry to extend to high value-added downstream area of the industry chain. Moreover, support the growth of fine organic chemical industry and finally contribute to the integrated development pattern of petrochemical industry. It is planned that by 2015, the investment attraction can realize over 100 billion RMB, among which no less than 5 enterprises have investment scale of more than 10 billion RMB, petrochemical industry output value more than 100 billion RMB, and the added value over 17 billion RMB, forming large-scale production base of high polymer chemical products and fine chemical products throughout the North East and well-known in the whole country

  Meanwhile, New Area is striving to build a cooperation model park of petrochemical and fine chemical industries across the Strait and later has it developed into the undertaking place for transfer of Taiwan Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Industries. With this development direction, in accordance with the idea that upstream and midstream products propelled by the end products, plan a new Taiwan fine chemicals park occupying nearly 2 square kilometers in the westward area. And based on this platform, explore the end products dependent on the industry chain of settled enterprises like Taiwan Changchun and UPC Chemicals, and thereby extend to the upstream and downstream industry chain as well as make targeted introduction of Taiwan fine chemicals companies with strong driving force to settle in the New Area, so that promote the joint coordination of industry chain in New Area and then realize the whole seamless connection.