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  Since the establishment of Liaodong Bay New Area, tourism has started from scratch and from point to line achieved many breakthroughs. Now the New Area is equipped with overall tourist functions involving catering, living, traveling, purchasing and entertainment. Several star hotels, such as Liaobin Paxton Hotel and Panjin Gangfeng Hotel, have been established in Liaodong Bay. And many express hotels, such as Super 8, Oriental Baijie, 9 Zhe, and Hanting are also available to meet all kinds of travel demand.

  Besides, based on the advantages of unique water resource and convenient transportation, as well as industrial strength brought by Panjin port and Dalian university of technology, we will further exploit Liaohe River tour, Hanzhang Lake tour project and the industrial tourism. At present, the industry has completed investment of 15.3 billion RMB, and the regional GDP in 2016 has reached 13.3 billion RMB. Major projects include:

  -- Erjiegou fishing village development project of Liaoning Zhongrun Construction Investment Co., LTD with total investment of 10 billion RMB;

  -- Jinbo coast tourist development project with total investment of 3.5 billion RMB;

  -- South-style flavor garden of Jianfeng Group with total investment of 1 billion RMB, mainly involving 3 projects, respectively the First Garden of China, Plum Garden Hotel and characteristic cultural commercial street;

  -- Rongxing commercial street with Korean distinction;

  To sum up, while accelerating the construction of tourism projects, make balanced efforts to the investment attraction expansion and the market competitiveness enhancement of the tourism in Liaodong Bay. Finally, the new port city suitable for living and traveling is built to give fresh impetus to sea-oriented development and all-round transformation of Panjin.