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  Master Planning for Panjin Liaodong Bay New Area was deliberated and approved on the 24th session of the 6th municipal people’s congress in March, 2013 and the spatial structure of the New Area has been summarized as ‘One belt, two axes and three areas’.

  ‘One belt’ refers to green and ecological waterfront belt in the estuary of Daliao River and along the coastal lines. Relying on the natural scenery of Daliao River and the coast, waterfront parks and wetland parks will be built to form peripheral nature and ecological protecting barrier for the New Area.

  ‘Two axes’refer to urban development axis spreading in east and west along the Binhai Avenue. The axis runs through the urban core of Liaodong Bay New Area, Panjin port and port-neighboring industrial areas. The other one is economic development axis, which stretches mainly from south to north along Zhonghua Road, and it’s also the development axis of the trade and logistics of Panjin port and port-neighboring industrial areas.

  ‘Three areas’ refer to port area, port-neighboring industrial area and Liaobin Watertown. The development and construction of the New Area are promoted firmly as per the development model of ‘Trinity’ based on the full reference to the development experience of different coastal cities all over the world. The image of the New Area has been basically established currently.

  Outline for Development Planning of Liaodong Bay New Area (2013-2020) deliberated and approved on the 5th plenary session of the 6th CPC municipal committee in May, 2013 pointed out that the New Area will focus around the principal line of ‘development toward sea, full transformation and strengthening the city through the port development and stick to the principle of planning guiding, orderly proceeding, environment protection, green development, reform and opening-up, firm innovation, improving the people's livelihoods, harmony and happiness. The New Area will grasp tightly the opportunities, including depth adjustment of world economy, transformational development of Chinese economy, expansion of Northeast Asia cooperation, strengthening of Northeast China revitalization, and build it into a new harbor city suitable for living and tourism in north China step by step, construct it into new base for coastal green industries of Liaoning, as well as the new platform for open-up of Northeast China and finally establish new paradigm for the reform and innovation of new areas all over the country.