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  Liaodong Bay New Area is situated in the south of Panjin City, on the northeast part of Liaodong Bay, in the right beach of the estuary of Daliao River and is separated by the river with Yingkou City, the second largest port city in northeast China, on the south. It is in the central area of the ‘five points and one line’ coastal economic belt of Liaoning. The New Area locates in the junction area of economic zones of Liaoxi urban agglomerations, coast of Liaodong peninsula and central urban agglomerations of Liaoning. It can receive the development radiation of the three economic zones and realize the resource sharing and coordinated interaction. The economic zone is close to the sea, occupies along the river and is possessed of large area of beaches and uncultivated land. The development space of the New Area is broad and the construction cost is low. The New Area has over 50 kilometers of river and coastal shorelines. The water is deep and the water flow is slow. It’s the ideal place of the development of marine industry. The convenient traffic and stereo-traffic network in the New Area has provided excellent conditions for the development of port-neighboring economy in Panjin.

  The New Area has convenient stereo-traffic network and complete collecting and dispatching system. For land transportation, it is close to expressways of Jing-Shen, Shen-Da, Pan-Hai-Ying and River Liao Bridge connects the Panjing and Yingkou. Binhai Avenue runs across the territory of the New Area. The Shugang railway and Shenpan railway combine perfectly with Gouhai railway at Bohai station. The access to the sea of Northeast China and east Inner-Mongolia has been broken through completely. For the sea routine, the Panjin new port with capacity of 100 million tons,which is under construction, has been possessed of navigation capacity and it will become the nearest and the most convenient access to the sea for Northeast China and east Inner-Mongolia. Port group composed of Dalian port, Yingkou port and Jinzhou port has constituted the convenient sea transportation system. For air transportation, it takes 2 hours to drive from the New Area to Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. It needs only one hour to drive to Jinzhou Airport and Yingkou Airport (under construction).